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Have coffee with Jen! Talk GREEN

jennifer goodwin organic coffeeI LOVE coffee! and I LOVE meeting people! Since I only work from home on my internet businesses, I miss out on interacting with a lot of my students, clients and friends.  I WANT to interact with you!

Sooooo….I am available LIVE during: “Organic Mornings with Jen”.

That’s right, at 9am EST (Wednesdays) I will be available online to interact with one person at a time or a group of you.

  • Would you like to know what organic items I use daily to reverse the effects of chemicals?
  • Would you like to motivate each other while we both work out?
  • Learn how I cured all my illnesses with holistic medicine
  • Ask me about why pet food is so poisonous to cats and dogs and what I feed my little angel
  • Make me do 500 situps on command! It’s YOUR time with me!

So, let’s get started! My weekday morning routine typically includes: working out, COFFEE, meditation, COFFEE, planning my day, throwing the ball with the dog, COFFEE, cooking something organic etc. so JOIN ME and let’s get physically and mentally in shape bright and early! (I know, 9am is not that early but that’s one of the benefits of working for myself)


  • Contact me
  • When you receive a reply, just come back to this page and watch me BELOW at 9am EST
  • The first person to get in touch with me on the chat gets my undivided attention!

Catch you in the morning!