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About Jen

Who is Jennifer Goodwin? That Actress? That Fitness Model?

No, although Jennifer is commonly confused with these beautiful ladies, Jennifer Goodwin the “geek girl” is more of an internet “star” who has spent over a decade working from home earning a living on the internet and teaching others how to do the same.

In her own words:
“I grew up in the 70’s in Worcester Massachusetts in a single mom household. Although I was lucky enough to attend private school, I was picked on daily as the poor kid and called ‘booger’ for my chronic sinus problems. I would come home crying hoping that someday I would be considered pretty and popular. Like a lot of kids, I went through family issues and feelings of loneliness/being different etc. The one thing I was really good at was school and especially math. I wasn’t challenged enough in the advanced classes so I was granted private one on one tutoring in the school library which gave me the edge up on all the other students. All testing proved that I had a future paved in gold and a path into any college I wanted. Unfortunately, life had other plans for me. A tough life and divorced parents took me to a place of leaving home at 18 and working full time.

In my 20’s, I worked in Insurance, Banking, Office Management, Car Sales, Restaurants and even flew planes to find out if being a commercial pilot was a dream I wanted to chase. At the age of 26, after living 4 years in North Carolina, I graduated the police academy and realized just how much I liked college. I decided to stay in school and acquire an Architectural Drafting degree. Upon graduating in the spring of 1998, I moved to New Jersey and started working for an architectural and engineering firm. Quickly I realized just how much I wanted to work for myself and within 6 months, I started a firm called Designer Drafting in which I provided high end interior designers with CAD drawings and artist hand renderings. I was hooked on working from home on the internet!

Over the next decade I made MANY mistakes, learned everything I could about business, marketing, technology, customer services, bookkeeping, hiring, firing and all the ups and downs involved in running a business. Lucky for me, somewhere around 2005, I rebranded the internet business as a Virtual Assistant firm and a wave of internet marketers became clients and paid me top dollar to implement their secret strategies and technology systems. Learning the best information marketing formula from the TOP earners was the turning point I needed to take my business to multiple six figures.

After acting as CEO of internetGIRLfriday.com for 5 years, I passed the torch to a general manager and then my current business partner, Melinda Janicki. I was ready to move on to higher level coaching and wanted to create a training division to teach millions how to create and run their own online venture to gain their own freedom and wealth. Bringing my personal holistic passion (the one that keeps me looking young and cured me of those nasty sinus infections) into the spotlight was equally important and 2011 is the year that “Jen Goes Green” online. I’ve cured myself (with Colloidal Silver), others and many animals (by getting pet food out of their lives) over the years and am very excited to share that knowledge with you all soon.

Working from home can feel isolating at times so my social website, JennifersFriends.com, is a growing testimony to the many people around the world whom I consider a friend.”

Some of Jennifer’s past accomplishments:

  • Founded and launched three recession proof, popular virtual firms
  • Mastered FREE ways to get in the media: CNN, MSN, Monster, Career Builder etc
  • Created the FREEDOM to travel anywhere in the world that has internet
  • Provided income to a team of talented people working from THEIR home offices
  • Gained 50,000 readers who have benefited from her easy to learn advice
  • Spent her career helping hundreds of businesses to also thrive on the internet

Travel is a big part of Jennifer’s decision to work virtually and you can frequently see live videos of where she is in the world on her sites. Hundreds of bloggers and journalists have noted Jennifer and her companies as prime examples of well branded internet existences and her hiring website has received accolades from CNN, Monster, MSN, CareerBuilder etc as one of the few legitimate work from home opportunities. Jennifer loves to help small business owners get ahead and find ways to make the most of their time and money. She customizes her consultations to each individual business and really likes to get to know who she is working with on a personal level.

If you are building or reinventing a business, at the very least, sign up for Jen’s newsletter. We’ll make sure you don’t miss a beat!

Take a few moments and browse around the areas that make up Jennifer Goodwin:

  • Trianing Others on Technology and her Virtual Assistant Business
  • Holistic Living and Coaching
  • Social Networking and Local Events

Virtually Yours,

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